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  • I've never been any closer to it than this, and I never will, so I don't know anything about it except what I hear; but there's something about it that kills men or drives them crazy.

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    She busied herself with the coffee and tried not to feel odd when Brenna rummaged through the cupboards for plates and flatware.

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    When you test a custom function, it's a good idea to use the function in only one formula in the worksheet.

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  • Min a ju pora posi ku, ale zastawiono st dla go ci, a opat okaza wielk delikatno , pozwoli im bowiem zasi we w asnym gronie i sam na sam z Wilhelmem, by, wolni od nakaz w regu y, mogli po ywi si i wymieni wra enia; zwa ywszy, e w istocie rzeczy chodzi o, oby B g wybaczy mi niemi e por wnanie, jakby o rad wojenn , kt ra winna odby si jak najrychlej, nim nadci gn wojska nieprzyjacielskie, to jest legacj awinio ska.
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    The boppers were going to tape his brain and put him in a robot body.
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  • I alone understood the dark meaning of these words--they referred to me.

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    No, I don't think we have any misunderstandings in that area anymore.

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  • I've seen it and I know it's your pride, man, but consider what Bardolph didn't hear him, but let out an excited exclamation as he spotted a faint gleam disappearing in the sand.

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    Captain Picard, said Drayton, rising and taking his arm, let me show you some amazing insects that live in this sand.

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  • Perhaps if I show you this, you will realize my sincerity.

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